Former Bachelor contestant Jade Roper Tolbert allegedly cheated in a fantasy football contest to win $1 million. Husband Tanner Tolbert speaks in her defense

DraftKings is inspecting a team from “The Bachelor in Paradise” for supposedly deceiving to win a $1 million reverie sports prize.

Jade Roper Tolbert greet and married her husband, Tanner Tolbert, on the presentation in 2016. This past excursion, they both engaged in the NFL Playoff litigate on DraftKings. But when talk got out that Jade Tolbert gained the $1 million prize, other players lifted criticisms.

They were abrupt to point out that she and her husband surrendered 150 elects each with no flap in the systems, growing their plunge of leading over other players who were defined to 150 elects aside.

“We take the honesty and decorum of our trials very earnestly and are considering into this count,” DraftKings said in a allegation on Monday.

A representative for the Tolberts circulated a comment from the couple guarding Jade Tolbert’s prevail in the litigate.

“We regard that DraftKings perceives they must do their oveedue alertness in view to Jade leading their $1 million dollar prize for the delusion trial for the NFL’s wild-card round this excursion,” said the comment. “Though we must deliberate, would the questions, allegations and interests about this score be the same if the champ had been male and star who wasn’t then in the public eye. It isĀ  fabulously important for us to authorize that Jade’s win is nothing more than true luck and we are satisfied that DraftKings will regulate the same.”

In fancy sports, contenders battle by electing a lineup of players and then gather their real world stats. The contender whose system of players has the most points wins. Each contender is admitted to arrive up to 150 possible lineups, at $25 per entry, so each of the Tolberts lost $3,750 to introduce.

Tanner Tolbert, probably a big football fan, generally tweets about NFL games and players. Jade Tolbert has no current football tweets, rather than one defending her leading the $1 million challenge.

The tweet spoke, “Hahaha that’s me! And Tanner told me I shouldn’t play DK Metcalf,” a allusion to the Seattle Seahawks colt wide trustee whose 53-yard touchdown aided seal the game opposite to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.