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Fleabag: No Season 3 for the British Black Drama, a Setback for Many! Read What Makers have to Say About this

Fleabag is a British black comedy. Apparently, it has two season in total. However, earlier, fans were expecting that there will be a third season too for the show. But, there is a sad news for all those fans who were expecting a season 3 from the makers. Actually, if you look at some facts give by the lead cast of the show then the end of the series with season 2 is sort of justified.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge was the most powerful human being for Fleabag. She was not only starred in the series but she was also the writer and creator of it. In fact, the series is based on Fleabag by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Why there will be no season 3 of Fleabag?

For those who have been regular viewer of the series definitely know that the story of the series was very engaging. In fact, season 2 was more interesting than season 1. The reasons Phoebe gave for ending the series on season 2 are actually justified. The main reason behind the end of the series is that season 2 of the series has already justified every character. There is no meaning in screeching the series for no reason.

She said for one time she felt like she have not said goodbye to the series, not at least at the time when she was getting so popular. To which  she replied that the story was already completed.

It is better that we should let the series go. It is time to say goodbye to every character of Fleabag. However, Phoebe said that she may bring her character back one day maybe when she is 45 or 50. But for now, she is done here with the ultimate series.

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