Flash has multiple alternate dark endings that you never knew about – shocking twist inside!

The Flash has been one of the most anticipated movies in recent times, with its time travel plot and the opportunity to explore alternate realities and the multiverse. However, what’s interesting is the fact that the movie has alternate dark endings that could have taken a very different turn. Let’s explore the alternate endings of The Flash that you may not have known about:

The Flash’s Original Ending

First, let’s start with the original ending of the movie:

Barry Tries Again, and the Multiverse Is Born

In The Flash, we see Barry fail to save his mother, and eventually he realizes that messing with the timeline is dangerous. So, he decides to fix everything by creating a new timeline where the changes he made never happen. Eventually, we see that another version of Barry is born in this timeline, creating the multiverse.

The Alternate Dark Endings

Now, let’s look at some of the alternate dark endings that could have happened:

Barry’s World Is Destroyed, and We Get a Bleak Future

One of the most interesting alternate endings features Barry’s world being destroyed, leading to a bleak future. The movie shows that the only way to save the world is to ensure that the entire alternate universe never exists. It’s dark and bleak and not what we would expect from a superhero movie, but it’s fascinating.

Barry Becomes the Villain

Another possible ending features Barry becoming the villain of the movie. After all, his altering of the timeline could have potentially consequences that he couldn’t have anticipated. If Barry had become the villain, it would have been interesting to see how the other superheroes responded and how they attempted to stop him.

Barry Kills His Own Father

In another alternate dark ending, we see Barry go back in time and save his mother. However, when he returns to the present, he realizes that his actions led to his father being executed for the murder of his mother. It’s a dark and tragic ending that would have been a shock to viewers.

The Dark Flash Wins

Finally, one of the darkest alternate endings features the Dark Flash winning. The Dark Flash is a future version of Barry who has become a villain after being trapped in an alternate reality for too long. This ending would have been an intense and emotional way to cap off the movie.


The Flash has multiple endings- some happy, some dark- that could have been. While the movie ended up having a satisfactory ending, it’s interesting to think about what could have been. Whether you prefer the uplifting or dark endings, they all show that The Flash has the potential to be a fascinating character to explore in future movies.


1. Do alternate endings usually happen in movies?

Alternate endings do happen in movies, but they’re not very common. They’re usually created to give the filmmaker an option to end the movie in a different way if test audiences don’t react well to the original ending.

2. Why do people find alternate endings interesting?

People find alternate endings interesting because they allow us to explore what could have been. We get to see different possibilities and explore different paths that the movie could have taken.

3. Were there any other alternate endings for The Flash?

There weren’t any other alternate endings released, but it’s possible that the filmmakers had other endings in mind or created more than one alternate ending before settling on the final version of the movie.

4. Are all alternate endings darker than the original ending of the movie?

No, not all alternate endings are darker than the original ending of the movie. Some alternate endings could have happier or more satisfying endings than the original version.

5. Do you think alternate endings are a good thing or a bad thing for movies?

It depends on the movie and how the alternate ending is handled. When done well, alternate endings can add depth and intrigue to a movie, giving viewers more to think about. However, if the alternate endings feel forced or are poorly executed, they can detract from the movie and feel unnecessary.