First Teaser for ‘Vincenzo’ Taecyeon And Kim Hye Yoon’s New Historical Drama Arrived!

tvN dropped first trailer for  forthcoming historical drama

Inspector Joy drama is about Ra Yi-Eon whose goal is to acquire a little dumpling shop and operate it himself. He desires a simple existence, yet he recently passed the state exams, therefore he must be intelligent. The Office of Special Advisors is an exclusive training ground for future government officials like him. After that, he is made a royal secret agent and given covert assignments.

Ra Yi-new Eon’s position as a royal secret agent is an incredible honour for him and his entire family. Even though he works hard as a royal secret agent, he lives a laid-back lifestyle at home. When he meets Kim Jo-Yi and everything in his life changes.

Credits: Twitter @pinoyseoul

Kim Jo-Yi’s mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and questions. She also has a progressive outlook on the Joseon era, believing that divorcing is acceptable. The marriage has lasted three years, and she now intends to end it through a legal separation from him.

Her spouse is a mommy’s boy with a gambling problem and adamant about not divorcing her. Later, Kim Jo-Yi meets Ra Yi-Eon as she is ready to complete her divorce proceedings. She assist Royal Secret Agents Ra Yi-Eon in solving crimes.

The actors Ok Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon will take on the roles of Ra Ee On and Kim Jo Yee, respectively.

Inspector Joy teaser- TaecYeon and Kim Hye-Yoon wearing traditional cloths

In the teaser they’re seen standing motionless and carrying their torches as they’re passed by rushing peasants. So, it looks like their first encounter. With the key protagonists’ backs to the camera, the trailer’s enigmatic atmosphere especially grabbed the audiences’ attention.

Director Yoo Jong Sun, renowned for his critically acclaimed films ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ as well as the Korean version of ‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days’. He directs Inspector Joy drama. And the tvN’s drama series is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2021.

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