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Film or reality? Pretty hard to decide! Lifetime brings the real-life college scandals on the big screens indulging Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman

Real-life incidents inspire most of the movies of the present day. The recent college scandals, one, involving Olivia Jade’s admission at the University of Southern California and another, involving Felicity Huffman’s desperate tries to get her daughter through the SAT, have been adopted (jointly) as the plot for a movie. The film is a ‘Lifetime’ production. Two very prominent incidents of college scandal are in the news these days. One involves Lori Loughlin, and the other one has Felicity Huffman into the scene.

During the time of admission of both her daughters, Lori manipulated the forms and showed that her daughters, Olivia and Isabella, both are professional rowers. The photo attached with the way showed the two girls on an ergometer rowing machine. Bribing the university coach with a sum of $500,000, Lori tried to include her daughters in the athletic prospects of the university. On the other hand, Felicity Huffman was trialed to pave her daughter’s path through the SAT examination by bribing a fake charity that helps to cheat in the entrances. Offering a sum of $15,000, Huffman tried to take unethical and illegal means to get her daughter admitted into a reputed college.

These two incidents have been taken up by the Lifetime production to be the story of their latest movie, which bears the name ‘The College Scandal.’ The title is chosen to be a pretty simple and accurate one, which itself describes the content of the movie. The first trailer of the film has been released. It depicts the lives of two mother who are in desperate need to get their children admitted some renowned college. For that to happen, the two are shown to go to the extent of adopting several illegal means like bribing, photo manipulation, cheating in exams, and a few more.

The film is hitting the screens on October 12, 2019.