Fashion’s Hidden Hero: Bethann Hardison’s Jaw-Dropping Journey Revealed at Tribeca Film Festival!

 Fashion Trailblazer Bethann Hardison Inspires Audiences at Tribeca Film Festival Premiere

The Tribeca Film Festival was set ablaze with style and inspiration as fashion icon and activist Bethann Hardison unveiled her highly anticipated documentary, “Invisible Beauty.” The premiere, held at the prestigious School of Visual Arts Theater on June 13, captivated audiences with its compelling portrayal of Hardison’s remarkable journey from runway model to agent, mentor, and tireless advocate for diversity in the fashion industry and beyond. The event marked a triumphant moment for Hardison, who co-directed the film alongside the talented Frédéric Tcheng.

A Lifelong Commitment to Change:

“Invisible Beauty” offers a unique glimpse into the life and activism of Bethann Hardison, showcasing her unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity and challenging societal norms. The documentary delves into her influential role in promoting diversity on the runway, breaking barriers in media representation, and redefining beauty standards. Hardison’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of activism and advocacy.

Star-Studded Support:

The premiere of “Invisible Beauty” was attended by a host of industry insiders, celebrities, and friends who have been inspired by Bethann Hardison’s unwavering commitment to change. Superstars like Iman, Naomi Campbell, Zendaya, Whoopi Goldberg, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tyson Beckford, Aurora James, Kyle Hagler, James Sculley, and Liya Kebede graced the event, adding a touch of glamour and star power to the occasion. Their presence underscored the profound impact that Hardison has made on the fashion industry.

A Full-Circle Moment:

For Bethann Hardison, the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival holds special significance. As a born and bred New Yorker, she has been at the forefront of championing opportunities for Black creatives for generations. The festival’s platform provided the perfect backdrop to unveil her life’s work and showcase the tremendous progress made towards achieving greater diversity and representation in the fashion world. This moment was truly a full-circle experience for Hardison, who has been intimately connected with the festival since its inception.

Emotional Reactions and Critical Acclaim:

“Invisible Beauty” has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses, both from the premiere audience and at previous showings at the Sundance Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival. Viewers were moved to laughter and tears as they experienced the emotional journey chronicling Hardison’s groundbreaking activism. The documentary not only pays homage to her remarkable achievements but also serves as a call to action for the fashion industry and society as a whole to continue striving for inclusivity and equality.

Future Endeavors:

The impact of Bethann Hardison’s work extends far beyond the silver screen. In addition to the documentary, she is preparing for an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art in Brooklyn, set to open on September 7. Hardison’s efforts to empower Black designers and promote diversity in the fashion industry continue through the Designers Hub, a network she leads that fosters and empowers new generations of Black designers and Black-owned fashion brands.


Bethann Hardison’s documentary, “Invisible Beauty,” made a resounding impact at the Tribeca Film Festival, celebrating her lifelong commitment to transforming the fashion industry and society at large. With star-studded support, emotional storytelling, and a call to action, the film shines a light on the importance of diversity and representation. Bethann Hardison’s legacy as a fashion trailblazer and tireless advocate for change is firmly cemented, inspiring future generations to challenge norms and make a lasting impact on the world.