Fans Might Soon See Lady Gaga Star As The Iconic Video Game Character Bayonetta!


After the overwhelming success of A Star Is Born, it seems like Lady Gaga is being eyed for another movie adaptation as she might be playing an iconic character from the world of video games! With the pop star’s name popping up for the role, fans sure are eager for it! 

Lady Gaga Is In Talks To Play The Popular Video Game Character Bayonetta!

Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to play the popular Bayonetta, the character is known for her action skills, one of a kind style and her big panache makes her an unconventional character from the video game universe.  Lady Gaga seems to be the perfect fit to play Bayonetta.

While the singer-actress has been linked with the character right from the beginning of the onset of the game and there are talks of making a live-action movie as well.

Lady Gaga Dressed A Lot Like Her In Her Music Video, Rain On Me!

Lady Gaga has already given fans a glimpse of how cool she would kook as Bayonetta as she recently dressed a lot like the character in her newest song Rain On Me. The song was made in collaboration with Ariana Grande and went on to become a huge success and a chart-topper. The robotics move and the whole makeover garnered huge attention and fans are well aware of the fact that Lady Gaga is no stranger to experimentation!

While there has been no official confirmation about Lady Gaga being tapped down for the role, however, the pop star will surely be the perfect fit for the role! We might soon get an update if the actress is finally tapped down to bring Bayonetta back to life for the big screens.