Fans Might have to Learn Kryptonian – An Interesting News is Released by HBO and Warner Brothers for Superman Fans. Read More to Know More

Recently Zack Snyder the director of the movie “Justice League” revealed that Man of Steel, Superman was not supposed to speak English in the movie. Since Superman is from another planet known as Kryptonians, he was going to have a language of his own.  This was something which was decided soon before, in the first superman movie starring Henry Cavill in 2013 which is a darker side of Superman. That superman movie also became one of the highest grossing movies of all time, between all the other Superman movies.

“Snyder cut movement”

First five DCEU movies directed by Zack following “Superman vs Batman” in 2016 are also some of the highest grossing movies. But in Justice League Director Joss Whedon was also brought to the movie and hence the script was changed. The result was a lot of edition in the movie script. Therefore this lead to “Snyder cut movement” on twitter by all the fans world-wide.


HBO and Warner Brothers confirmed a very interesting news about the upcoming Superman movie

Recently, it has been announced that the full version of the movie also known as “Snyder’s Justice League” will release next year. This news has been confirmed by HBO and Warner Bros. The news came out during a live stream event for Man of Steel hosted by Snyder himself.

In the stream, he said since Superman is from different planet therefore he was to speak only Kryptonian. The audience was either to learn Kryptonian or learn from the subtitles of the movie. But since it would have made things more complex to be understood by audience therefore it was kept simple. The script would also have translated the famous quotes of the movie. However, this way fans would have learned a fictional language. The exciting fact is that it’s Zack’s brain behind the thought.