Fans marked the celebration of Sleater-Kinney’s newest release with lots of “LOVE”.

Sleater-Kinney celebrated their newest album The Center Won’t Hold’ with the release of a music video for album cut “Love.” The video portrays several black-and-white pictures brought out from the collections of fans. Each photo was captioned with the lyrics of the song. The clip also showed a map of America. The song is one of the ones included in the new album. Fans marked the celebration of Sleater-Kinney's newest release with lots of "LOVE". 5

The American rock band, Sleater-Kinney is prominently famous for its feminist approaches and leftist or communist politics. The band plays a vital role in the indie rock scene of America The group initiated initially back in 1994, with Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein, both as the vocalist and guitarist, Janet Weiss and Laura MacFarlane, again both as the vocalists and drummers. Laura quit the band in 2996 whereas, Janet Weiss, in 2019, resigned from her post, bidding the long-held trio a hearty farewell. Hence, the band presently consists of Corin and Carrie only.

The debut album of the initially four-membered band, which goes by the name of the band itself, was released in the year 1995. Some other notable records pf Sleater-Kinney calls the Doctor (1996), The Hot Rock (1999), and The Woods (2005). The ‘Center of Won’t Hold’ is the band’s 10th album. This one was a long-awaited album as the last of S-K’s was released in 2015. The album is produced by St. Vincent, a Grammy Award winner.

Fans marked the celebration of Sleater-Kinney's newest release with lots of "LOVE". 6

The fans were earlier appealed to submit their photographs that would portray the theme “celebrate your body as a means of resistance, celebrate your body, in whatever that means to you.” Gathering a massive number of responses, the submitted photographs showed fans from all genders portraying their sizes and ages gallantly. The video reveals it all.