HTGAWM Season 6 Episode 13: Did you predict the big revelation of Frank? Catch on the deets

In the last season, Annalise (Viola Davis) discovered the true identity of Frank’s mother, a shocker who delved into this deep exploitation of Sam’s time. Sam follows through another time of mourning for his and his baby Annalise where he is looking for safety with his just-living son Gabriel (Rome Flynn) and Vivian (Marsha Stephanie Blake).

It’s the reaction of Tom Verica (and presumably yours) to the How to Get Away with Murder program of Thursday night when it emerged that the incest with his sister Hannah (Marcia gay harden) was committed by Sam Keating (Tom Verica). Not just that, but Frank (Charlie Weber) is their mystery child and makes him the son of Sam.

Annalise now uses legal tools to examine the theory of incest, knowing Sam himself was a survivor of violence. Connor (Michaela and Jack Falahee) have to confront the FBI because of their interactions with Annalise, and they want to modify their terms. Finally, Michaela feels she was finding a way to hold the old deal, but Connor admits that he did not.

Back in history, Bonnie and Frank escalated their relationship. Frank could endanger Bonnie by his own violent history. Sam tells Frank to break with Bonnie and to continue to feel sorry about his baby’s death.

Perhaps Hannah motivated what happened between Sam and Hannah, which led to Vivian and Annalise hate and her vendetta against Annalise that set this massive plot into motion.

If she is, it will probably be a big surprise – one that blends it all in the last episodes that may otherwise be challenging. It’s just a theory, of course, for the time being, but it looks like fans will soon catch up on the facts.