Fans Are Speculating About The Release Date Of The Doors Of Stone: Did Amazon leak it? Read for all details.

It seems like the third book from the popular fantasy series The King Killer Chronicles might be arriving sooner than expected. Moreover, due to accidental leakage of the information now it seems like fans won’t have to wait for long. Let us take a look at the details of this upcoming book which is a highly anticipated one.

Did Amazon Just Leak The Release Date Of The Upcoming Book The Doors Of Stone?

While the initial release date of the book was slated to be in August this year, however, the plan might be changed a bit due to the current turn of the event following the COVID pandemic crisis. While the book might not be releasing ok August, it is expected to release this year itself.

The last book of the series is going to narrated in a third person narrative form. Moreover, recently an image is doing the rounds whereby Amazon might have accidentally revealed the book release date which is shown to be 20th August!

The Date Might Not Be Authentic As Speculated By Some!

This book is going to be the prequel of the second book of the series ‘The Wise Man’s Fear.’ This popular trilogy is an oral three-day autobiography which has already generated quite a stir amongst book lovers.

While Amazon might have accidentally revealed the relate day, we doubt whether it is true or not as the author himself did say that he will be revealing the release date himself and not by any other source. So is the leaked date not authentic? Well, we will get to know once the book actually releases. We sure are excited for the book release soon enough.