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Fans Are Shocked After Jesy Nelson Announced Her Sudden Exit From Little

It seems like this year is ending with yet another bad news as a popular band is not going to be the same anymore following one of the band members’ exits from the group!

Jesy Nelson Took To Social Media And Announced Her Sudden Departure From Little Mix!

Fans are heartbroken as Jesy Nelson has finally announced her exit from the popular band Little Mix! The singer penned down a heartfelt post explaining the reason behind her sudden departure and how it was a wonderful experience to be with the band for as long as nine years.

While Jesy said that she is leaving with a heavy heart, the whole being in the band has taken a toll on her mental health, and leaving the group is the right situation at this moment. As the ex-band member goes on to explain her sudden departure taking everyone by shock, Jesy soaking how there is this the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to the expectations are very hard. The band has further confirmed the news and stated that Jesy has full support and that the band respects her decision.


The Ex- Band Member Said That Her Mental Health Is Largely Affected!

Jesy Nelson further stressed the fact that how comes a time in life when we need to reinvest in taking care of ourselves rather than focusing on making other people happy. With her sudden exit, she feels like now is the time to begin the process.

While fans were surely heartbroken, they praised her and understood her reasoning. Jesy Nelson also thanked her fellow band members as they all created some of the most amazing memories that she will never forget.

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