Fans Are Protesting Against The Sudden Cancellation Of Anne With An E! Check out if its going to be renewed.

Fans were pretty shocked when the popular Canadian series Anne With An E was suddenly canceled after season 3! While fans are already protesting against this incomplete end given to the story, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to.

Why Is Popular Series Anne With An E Canceled After Season 3?

The series came to an abrupt end after the third season, making fans even raise their voice by making an online petition that is gaining huge momentum over time. Moreover, there are even hoardings of the fans asking Netflix to renew the show.

The Canadian network CBC television and Netflix issued a joined statement announcing that the third season will be the last one. Fans could not understand the reason behind the creation which has something to do with the two networks. Take a look at how fans are protesting against the sudden cancellation demanding the renwal of the series and unravel the loose ends left behind.

Fans Have Started An Online Petition To Renew The Series For Season 4!

The series has gained high momentum as it dealt with issues of bullying, teenage troubles, even the LGBTQ community concerns as well. Moreover, the character of Anne has made space with her utmost dedication and the beauty of the character. Fans are demanding a proper sendoff to the story and another season to at least wrap up the story in proper terms. That’s what we need to look out for now.

Even Anne’s romance that was left incomplete in the series made fans looking for more questions that were left unresolved. With the online campaign gaining huge momentum with time, the series might be renewed after all! Only time will decide the fate of the show.