Fans are loving the release of Netflix, My Little Pony: A new generation

From children to adults Netflix has it all

Netflix is known for its intense, action-packed series and movie for it’s audience. However, it also contains something for the younger audience. In fact, sometimes adults also enjoy the content made for the younger audience. Where Netflix released trailers for its big movies like “Red Notice” or “Night Teeth”. They did something for the young ones too. Netflix released “My Little Pony: A New Generation” on friday for the younger audience. The movie continues the story from “Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, a TV series. During the time of its airing from 2010-2019, the show was quite popular. Twinkle Sparkle was the protagonist of the series. However, stories of Twinkle are now told by Argyle Starshire to Sunny Starscout, his young daughter.

The amazing soundtrack and the valuable lesson of the movie

Originally the movie was supposed to release in theatres all over the World on September 24th. However, because of the pandemic it was only released in a few countries. The movie was released in theatres in Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong. On the other hand, in other countries, the movie was released on Netflix. Fans are pleased with the movie and its story as well. According to the fandom, the movie is a slight reboot. In fact, a reboot which honors the past story and at the same time tells a great new tale. Additionally, the soundtrack of the movie is said to be great and is loved by the fans. The movie also tries to spread a positive message about accepting others and avoiding stereotypes.

My Little Pony
Credits: Netflix

A good movie with a great plot and a wonderful cast

The movie will follow Argyle Starshire’s daughter Sunny Starscout. In the movie, the land of Equestria is divided. However, Sunny believes that the Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorn should be friends. Sunny is tasked with taking care of a lost unicorn in her house. Therefore, the movie is about the adventurous journey across Equestria. The voice-cast for the movie contains Vanessa Hudgens as Sunny Starscout. Kimiko Glenn voices Izzy Moonhow and James Marsden is Hitch Trailblazers’ voice. Sofia Carson is the voice of Pipp Petals and Liza Koshy voiced Zipp Storm. Robert Cullen and José Ucha are the directors of the film. The directors have written the story of the movie along with Tim Sullivan.