Fans Are Eagerly Waiting For The Makers Of Stranger Things Solve The Twist Around Eleven’s Character And Her Huge Loss In Season 3!

While there has been huge speculation about Jim Hopper presumed return from death, there is another major character twist that fans got to witness in the third season finale and we are eagerly waiting got the fourth season to solve that part!

What Really Happened to Eleven After She Lost Her Powers In Stranger Things?

Fans were shocked to see as Eleven lost her powers and in no way her powers returned by the time the third season ended! After several failed attempts to regain her power as Elevn is seen trying hard to crash can bottle to not being able to move a stuffed animal from the closet, her powers did not return.

When asked about Eleven’s huge loss, cast member Millie Bobby Brown was tight-lipped about whether her powers are returning or not but further said that Eleven is powerful with and without powers, so she thinks that’s always an exciting journey to explore further.We will get to know about Eleven more in the upcoming season 4!


Millie Bobby Brown Might Have An Answer To That!

However, she also said that she has a giant collaboration with the Duffer brothers and they are the storytellers and so she couldn’t tell us what they’re up to next!


However, fans have been coming with some theories trying the decode the whole twist and it is assumed that Mind Flayer might be hugely responsible behind Eleven losing her powers. While it did not take control of her body, it might have taken her powers instead.While we are also assuming that this might have something to do with Hopper’s sudden disappearance or not. How will the gang help Hopper with Eleven losing her powers.