Fan of war movies? Greyhound is the right pick for you! Check out release date, cast, plot and the trailer right here.

Greyhound, the movie masterpiece is currently in the breath of  every movie lover. The plot is completely based on C. S Forester’s, “the Good Shepherd” in 1990’s. The movie, Greyhound will completely replicate the original novel and will star cast the most demanding actor for the movie.

This time the audiences will be fortunate enough to witness Tom Hanks in the lead role. So what else can we expect from a movie ? Here we have got the details regarding the movie, Greyhound.

The movie was all set to release in June 2020 but the sudden strike of the pandemic virus led to delay in its release. Till date no official confirmation of the release has been announced.

This thriller gerne movie has got all the big names in it. Commander Ernest Krause’s role will be played by Tom Hanks himself.

LTJG Dawson by Travis Przybylski.

Wallace by Devin Druid.

Eagle by Maximillion Osinski.

Other stars include Karl Glusman, Grayson Russell, Rob Morgan and lot more, as in supporting role for the movie.

Back then the trailer has been released on the official site where we can witness the real thrill that comes out of the spine. The spine chilling trailer is amazing to watch.

The movie was filmed by the time of world war II. The character in lead, Ernest Krause is on a mission named, “Greyhound”. The mission is based on a scenario where a convoy of 37 Allied ships passes by North Atlantic’s cursed route. The mission is to rescue the ships from the claws of  German U-boats.

It would be quite interesting to witness the action thriller in theatres. But for that we have to wait for the official announcement and can only hope for the complete evacuation of the global pandemic.