Heather Locklear had some real mean comments for her First Wives Club co-star James Naughton! Check out what was said!

By 2 weeks ago

While filming scenes of movies, performers usually have to come across embarrassing moments in which they would have to do actions that they would otherwise not prefer doing in real life. However, as stars and actors, they have the responsibility of doing them regardless of their wishes.

The most that can be compromised over is the extent to which one can perform actions in the movies while shooting steamy scenes. Some of them take editing to their rescue when they do the bare minimum and the rest is taken care of by the edits that prevent them from various avoidable acts like intimate scenes, especially for those who are married or are committed to someone else other than those who they are paired with in the movie/series.

What was the statement given by Heather Locklear?

The podcast Fake Doctors: Real Friends with Zach and Donald is the reference to the claims made by her. In the due course of its shooting, there was a scene that made her uncomfortable as her costar James Naughton had to enact a scene where he would be seen touching the breasts of his female costar. In reality, the scene was not physically done by Naughton and was taken the back off by the editing as he was only supposed to move his hands across at a distance from her breasts. Indeed a moment that she would count on as a never to witness scene, yet her comfort was taken care of by her costar.

What did Naughton have to say about the statement?

Although he hasn’t yet clarified his take on the incident, his co-star had made a diplomatic statement that did not seem as an allegation, hence he can relax over that end.