Fabolous has become the relationship guru for rapper Herbo and his step daughter Taina


Love is a game, isn’t it? And it’s essential to play it right for things to go smoothly. And it seems Fab knows the game all too well and now he is educating the younger generation to become a pro. G Herbo and his baby mama Ari recently had a breakup. And it wasn’t really smooth. They had a messy one at that.

They made it quite public and everything happened before our own eyes. Both parties made some wild allegations about each other. But that wasn’t what shocked the public. Right after the breakup, Herbo moved onto Taina. And Taina is Fabolous’ stepdaughter. With passing time, it seems their relationship is growing in a beautiful way and Herbo seems to be a vital part of the family.

In a recent interview, Fabolous opened up about Herbo and Taina’s relationship. He said he’s like an OG in their lives, especially when teaching them about maneuvering their relationship in the public eye. Everyone, including the paps, noticed that Fab and Herb are growing closer in recent times. Fabolous also said he gives Herbo the co-sign, saying that the Chicago rapper was indeed a good person. And we all know Fabolous has quite an experience in this matter. And for someone who has faced the public eye during every step of his relationship, it is normal to gain some wisdom in that field. Being in front of the camera all the time does teach you valuable lessons, and Fabolous is here to prove that.


Fab said he is able to be an OG to Taina since because she is now dealing with a rapper. Fab also said he can understand Herbo’s perspective a little bit and help her understand in case she has some doubts. There might be instances where Herbo is in the studio for a long period of time and Taina might have some problem regarding that. In that case, Hero says since he is a rapper, the studio is his office.


Fab also makes her understand that Herbo isn’t trying to avoid her and it’s just his job. But according to Fab, it’s important to balance your private and professional life as a man. Fab said it was something he learned in his maturity but apparently Herbo has that quality. He even said Herbo is a good dude overall.