Exclusive: Demi Moore’s former co-star Paul Carafotes claims he’s the man she cheated with before wedding to Freddy Moore.

Paul Carafotes is claiming he’s the riddle man Demi Moore spends the last bachelor night laying down before she got married to first spouse Freddy Moore in 1981.

While the entertainer didn’t uncover the man’s personality in her diary “Back to front,” the on-screen character told UK’s DailyMailTV on Thursday the now-56-year-old escaped her own unhitched female gathering to go through the night with him.

“I think she simply needed to have a last hurrah before she got hitched,” guaranteed Carafotes, 60.

As per the “Mindhunter” on-screen character, he initially met Moore when he was 21 and she was 18. She was fun and they had unquestionably amazing chemistry. Demi Moore came to peruse as my better half and she was fun and beguiling,” reviewed Carafotes to the outlet.


Exclusive: Demi Moore’s former co-star Paul Carafotes claims he’s the man she cheated with before wedding to Freddy Moore. 1


The “Bunches Landing” star asserted a “months-in length” undertaking began before long.

“We had times at my loft practicing… there was most likely a few thoughtless activities in the trailer,” he said.

In any case, hours before Moore was set to wed the performer, Carafotes asserted she was “asking” to see him. He agreed on opening the kitchen window only if she was coming over by climbing the emergency exit. And to his surprise, she came right away with a container of Dom Perignon champagne to party with him.

Exclusive: Demi Moore’s former co-star Paul Carafotes claims he’s the man she cheated with before wedding to Freddy Moore. 2

“She was an 18-year-old pretty young lady and we were in Hollywood taping a motion picture and celebrating together,” he proceeded. “We were youthful, we were enjoying ourselves, no one gives you a book which says this is the manner by which to carry on. In any case, I unquestionably didn’t think she climbed that emergency exit.”

The following day Moore wedded Freddie. Also, as per Carafotes, he never observed Moore impractically again.

Carafotes said he uncovered his personality after Moore sincerely expounded on the experience in her book.

“She had incredible hands,” said Carafotes. “She had a pleasant touch. Lovely young lady.”

A rep for Moore didn’t quickly react to Fox News’ solicitation for input.

In her journal, Moore conceded she undermined Freddy, presently 69. The couple threw in the towel in 1985.

“The prior night we got hitched, rather than chipping away at my pledges, I was calling a person I’d met on a motion picture set,” she composed. “I escaped my very own single girl party and went to his condo.”

“We have not seen the book, so can’t and won’t remark on points of interest,” Renee let us know. “What I will say is that Rick [Freddy] and Demi were hitched quite a while back when both of their lives were altogether different. In the time since they have both proceeded onward to their very own ways.”

As per Renee’s blog, It’s Not a Rumor, Freddy, who was conceived Frederick George Moore, was determined to have Alzheimer’s at age 60.

“Rick is, as such a large number of others, battling with the detestations of Alzheimer’s,” she clarified. “Our considerations and endeavors are centered around his consideration. Before the illness advanced he wrote his story, and sooner or later that will be partaken in his own book. We consider this to be his, much as I’m certain Demi considers her to be as her own.”

Through the blog, Renee has been bringing issues to light of the overwhelming malady that disables memory and has urged perusers to connect about how it has affected their own families.

“I wedded the affection for my life,” composed Renee in a post-dated February of this current year. “He was splendid, a virtuoso truth be told, attractive, thus cherishing and giving, the best individual you would ever meet. He was a stunning lyricist, performer, and artist. We would have discussions until the early hours of the morning and being as one was great.”

“Following 35 years of cherishing one another and marriage, we got the awful news that Rick had Alzheimer’s sickness at age 60,” she proceeded. “In any case, 60? It is such a youthful age 60. Men even have children at 60, my father did. Individuals don’t resign until 65. Getting this news was the saddest day of my life.”