Ewan McGregor hates to lie about his roles to his fans!! The actor talks about the phase when he hated to lie about his reprising role as Obi-Wan.

Actor Ewan McGregor discloses about the thing he hated the most. While he was signed up to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, he couldn’t publicly talk about it. This felt like torture to him as he was not allowed to talk about it publically.

Explaining the need of such necessary evil, McGregor said, “I’m not really brought up that way. I’d much rather be honest with people. But the studios are, and the franchises are, understandably secretive. And they want to keep everything a secret till they want it released.”

Ewan also revealed how he was able to overcome his initial skepticism about “Doctor Sleep” – a sequel to horror classic, “The Shining.” He talked about all these struggles on the premiere of his thriller ‘Doctor Sleep’.

McGregor has been a part of ‘Star Wars:The Phantom Menace’ when he featured as young Obi-Wan in the 1999 movie. After that he was a part of other two ‘Star Wars’ prequels. Since then he was often questioned if he was a part of other “Star Wars” projects too.

On this he said, “Once they started making spin-off movies, there was such a lot of speculation about an Obi-Wan spin-off. And I was asked every time I did an interview by people, would I do it? And it just became embarrassing, because it sounded a bit like I was trying to get the part from Disney. You know, like, I was saying, ’Well, you know. Well, if they give me a call, I’d be, you know, I’d be interested.”

In August, Disney announced the Obi-Wan series which is set to premiere on the Disney Plus streaming service next year. Ewan shared his excitement about the same and said, “And now the cat is out of the bag that we’re doing again, I’m really excited about it. It is a really phenomenal story line that we’re going to tell.”

McGregor’s first professional role was in a 1993 series ‘Lipstick on your Collar’. Since then the Scottish actor has soared heights with various remarkable acts and has been honoured with various rewards. He has served as an ambassador for UNICEF UK since 2004 and was named the fourth most influential person in British culture for the same year.