Everything you need to know about The Expanse Season 5! Read more to know the release date, cast and plot!


The Expanse is an American science fiction TV show.
It was based on the novel of James S.A.Corey titled the same; the story revolves around the future of human beings that are living in a different part of Solar System which is quite different from the Earth!

When is Season 5 dropping?

If we take a look at the pattern we see that the show made its debut on 14 December, 2015, it consisted of ten episodes on Syfy. It has its consecutive seasons on 1 February 2017, 11 April 2018, and the fourth season premiered on Prime Video on December 19, 2019. So it won’t be wrong to predict that The Expanse is coming back with its fifth season very soon. We can expect it come out in the second half of 2020 because the previous season was released in the second half of the year 2019.

Source: Amazon Prime Video


There are quite a few big names that are starring including Thomas Jane as Joe Miller (the protagonist), Steven Strait(James Holden), Cas Anvar( Alex Kamal) and Dominique Tipper(Naomi Nagata)


The story revolves around the future after hundreds of years where the biggest might are the United Nations of Earth, the Martian Congressional Republic on Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance. In the last season, we saw the species trying to conquer the richer worlds. In Season 5 we might end up seeing how the portals are advantageous, although these can be way too risky as the portal is two way systems. So this can bring a disaster on Earth. Which would be more adventurous and thrilling than before. How and what new home planets will they find? To know all these answers you need to be updated with us, stay tuned to find out more.