Horizon Zero Dawn: Volume 2 of Sci-Fi Game is All Ready for Launch. Read More to Know More.

Time and again video games have fascinated gamers especially when they are role playing based video games; Horizon Zero Dawn is one of them. After having sold almost ten million copes it has become PS4’s biggest franchise launch. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is soon to be released, so lets dive deep into the specifics of this Sony Interactive Entertainment game.

Release Date

As of now, we don’t know much about the release of Horizon Zero Dawn 2  as the makers of Guerrilla Games have not announced anything officially. Nevertheless, it most certainly will be a next-generation title at this point, so it would be really foolish of us to expect anything until after the PS5 release in late 2020.


Following the pattern of the first game, we can expect Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to be only available on Play Station 5.

Source: PlayStation

What is the game Horizon Zero Dawn 2 all about?

The premise of the game revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where Earth has been taken over by big robot like creatures. And the mere humans are nothing but a society of tribal like people.

This nicely sets up the villains for the sequel, who will likely be much more nuanced considering the friendship the player has with Sylens.

Unfortunately we do not know much about the sequel but we can take a lot from the game’s first installment’s ending. An AI with the intention of destroying human kind unfortunately survives but captured by Sylens. This brings up the antagonists for the sequel.

We do not know anything about the gameplay. After going through green hills and then frozen tundra in the DLC, it certainly looks like the new installment will have some new ambience to explore and tribal people to visit.

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