Everyone is Aww stuck to know about Lady Gaga’s Pregnancy! Is it Bradley Cooper’s or Dan Horton’s Child? Or Alleged Pregnancy is Just another Rumor?

A star is born a huge success for all the right reasons! Although it seems that after the film, there were rumors about the lead cast Bradley Cooper is going out with co-star Lady Gaga. The rumors were quite strong, and people assumed that maybe the on-screen romance was actually real even off the screen!

Is Lady Gaga still Dating Bradley Cooper Or Not!

Soon the rumors we’re forgotten when Bradley Cooper was linked with Jennifer Aniston while Lady Gaga was found to be dying someone else! Things became wayward when news of Lady Gaga expecting a child was doing the rounds! Some even said that Bradley Cooper is the father!

Moreover, sources even said that Dan Horton, who was the guy Lady Gaga was dating, broke up with her when he learned that it was not his child! Lady Gaga has not been official about her alleged pregnancy. It is assumed that Lady Gaga is Not really pregnant, and this is just a rumor with no solid base!

What Is Lady Gaga Going To Say About This Alleged Pregnancy?

Lady Gaga has made it quite clear that there is nothing going on between the two and that they are just co-stars, but we doubt it after both the celebs parted ways with their respective partners. While some insiders are claiming that Lady Gaga is glowing and hiding a baby bump. Her apparent break up with Dan Horton also does not add up with the news! Some people have totally denied the news as nonsensical blabber, while some are indicating the news to be absolutely true.

Lady Gaga officially has not really talked or addressed this rumor as off yet! We need to wait and see what the celebs who are involved have to say about this alleged pregnancy.