Eva Mendes Had An adorable Makeover Session With Her Daughters: Salma Hayek and Debi Mazar are pretty impressed!

Hitch film actress Eva Mendes has recently uploaded pictures of a makeover given to her by her young daughter Esmeralda and Amanda! However, it seems like two of the celebs are also praising their makeup skills.


Eva Mendes Has Shared A Cute Makeover Session Photos On Her Instagram Account.

After the mother of two absolutely adorable girls uploaded an image of a rather quirky makeup session, it earned praises, and fans cannot handle the cuteness. Take a look at the adorable makeup session; it is both quirky and hilarious.

After seeing the images, Salma Hayek and Debi Mazar both hyped up the makeup look, which is quite good for two five and four years olds! Mazar commented that they indeed did a great job. Salma also commented that she absolutely loved it! Have a look at the adorable pictures that the actress uploaded; these pictures will make your day!


Salam Hayek And Debi Mazar Loved The Cute  Makeover Session!

With blue eye shadow and a rather rainbow-colored face that looks more color palette of blue, pink, and other colors. However, while the fan also questioned Eva’s habit of not uploading any family picture, to which the actress replies that she has a had a clear boundary when it comes to her man and my kids. This is how she tackled the question.


Eva Mendes indeed has been very private about her private life and even her two kids. She has always kept a low profile about them and has seemed the best interest for them away from the media spotlight. When confronted about this, Mendes has said that it is the best way to keep the limelight down on her children.