Eva Longaria supports Gabriel Union after NBC fired her for speaking the bitter truth!

Lately, NBC is receiving serious backlash from the people for firing Gabriel Union. Gabriel was a judge on the show “America’s got talent ” and was removed from the show just because she spoke about all the major issues of the show!

NBC has always been known to favor all the powerful personalities that are related to the channel. NBC goes to any extent to protect the dignity of those so-called “powerful men “.

There has been a lot of discrimination and harassment by NBC to its workers. They have no protection or an agreement about their job. They are fired anytime NBC wants. There is nothing called a “safe environment ” in NBC ‘s workplace.

Recently people have started an online petition where NBC views are severely criticized by signing and coming in support of the petition. Its main aim is to put pressure on NBC to change the rules and regulations and provide a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

Not only people, but celebrities have also come in support of the petition. Eva Longoria also showed her support to the movement by sharing the petition on her social media. She praised Gabriel for raising her voice against the toxic environment that NBC has created.

Gabriel had raised her voice against offensive jokes made by judges who came for a guest appearance. She was also always criticized by the NBC members for her appearance!

They told her her dressing style, her hairstyle, etc are not fit for the show! Who even talks like that? She also raised her concern about a contestant portraying different skin colors in a wrong way.

Many other celebrities including Ariana Grande also came out in support of Gabriel Union. This toxic and unacceptable behavior of NBC towards its workers strictly needs to be changed and everyone should be provided a healthy work environment.