Euphoria has been Renewed for Season 3 After a Successful Season 2!

Euphoria Season 3 Is On Its Way

Written by Sam Levinson, Euphoria remains a hit drama series on HBO in 2019. It is adapted from the Israeli show of the same name. After a successful premiere of season 2, HBO has renewed season 3. After it became HBO’s most viewed episodes on TV hitting over 14 million views on all platforms.

Emmy-award-winning series season 3 will see the return of Sam, Zendaya, and the rest of the crew and cast members of the show.

In a released statement HBO executive vice president said, all the cast members took season 2 on great heights with an excellent narrative that connected with audiences. He further added it would be their honour to work with a talented team again.

Schafer and Zendaya appear in ‘Euphoria.’ (Eddy Chen/HBO via AP)

Euphoria Season 3 Plot

The teen drama will continue with its ups and downs plot with romantic relationships in the next instalment also. Euphoria story follows the story of Israel based on the Israeli drama series of the same name directed by Daphna Levin with ten episodes.

Credit: Eddy Chen / HBO

It followed the story of Rue, a 27-year-old high-school student. His difficult life begins with being a drug addict who comes out of rehab but still continues his life towards drugs. Her friends include Jules, who struggles to find the right place by being transgender. Nate, fighting with an anger issue and sexual insecurities while Chris, a footballer, trying to fit in college life after school.

The release date of season 3 is not yet out. However, its last season comes out in November. So we can guess the next instalment to drop somewhere in the same month. But still, we have to wait for the official release announcement.

Season 2 final episode will be telecast on February 27, 2022.