Eric Dane teases Season 3 and redemption for Cal in the new Season

Eric Dane on His Character in Euphoria

Actor Eric Dane opened up about his character in HBO’s second most watched series, Euphoria. He said that the Cal will redeem himself in the third season of the show. It will be quite interesting to witness his character arc. A lot of the fans thought that episode 4 was the last episode where they saw Dane. But in an interesting turn of events, he returned in the season finale.

Considering the acts that Cal has done through the 2 seasons, it will be hard to redeem Cal Jacobs.

Eric Dane on His Euphoria Character; Will Redeem Himself
Instagram/ Eric Danes

 Season Finale Recap

In an interview with Variety, Dane revealed that his character will change that it’s hard to imagine Cal away. Because that would make it hard to include him in the story.
Although, No one is yet sure how that will happen.

In the last episode of the season, we saw police arresting Cal for reasons not stated clearly. But we all are aware of him sleeping with minors. After his own son Nate Jacobs handed over to the police the proof. A footage of his father Cal sleeping with his classmate Jules. Nate doing so was a way for him to take revenge from Cal.

Eric Dane on His Euphoria Character; Will Redeem Himself
Instagram/ Eric Dane

The Father- Son Relationship

He later also mentioned that Cal Jacobs and Nate might be able to fix their relationship. The last conversation between the two, before Nate pulls the gun out did show some potential for that. That was Nate expressing his hatred towards Cal.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” actor also spoke about working with the cast of Euphoria. He called them “kids” and lauded them for their talent. According to him this generation understands Cal and his actions. The show is renewed for season 3. However it might come out two years later.