Eric Clapton Faces Severe Backlash For His Infamous Racist Rants And Controversial Lockdown Statement!


While we all are struggling with the new normal after the whole world has been hit by the pandemic terror, it seems like Eric Clapton is also not quite happy with the present situation and have released a new song as well!

Eric Clapton Faces Severe Backlash From Fans On Twitter!

However, while Eric Clapton is not happy with the present situation and has expressed his disagreement by saying that he is deeply upsetting that the live event was canceled due to lockdown restrictions implemented to stop the spread of the pandemic. He has teamed up with Van Morrison for newest single Stand and Deliver. 

While Eric Clapton has expressed his disagreement, fans have to backlash the singer, and even some celebrity activists have also criticized his statements while some of his racist rants from 1976 has also resurfaced on social media.

Activist Jameela Jamil Criticized The Singer For His Newest Statement About Lockdown.

Moreover, Jameela Jamil has also backlashed the artists and even mentioned how back in 1976 Eric Clapton asked foreigners at one of his shows to raise their hands before suggesting they should all leave. Several Twitter users heavily backlash the singer over social media. Here’s why Jameela Jamil wrote on Twitter after the statement resurfaced on the Internet.

The rant was tagged as an extremely racist one as Eric Clapton went on to say that England is a white country and is made of white people. While Eric Clapton later addressed this rant long back and apologized for his statements. He said he was a bad man back then but it seems like fans are not quite thrilled about the rants and are taking to Twitter to express what they feel about it.