Eniko Parrish re-living her moments of husband’s cheating on Don’t Fuck This Up series

The upcoming documentary of Kevin Hart to be debuted on 27th December revealed many of his struggles and controversies in life including where his own wife tears down while re-living his moments of cheating.
Why did Eniko Parrish broke down in tears?

Kevin Hart:Don’t Fuck this Up is a new bibliographical documentary series on Netflix. It depicts the ups and downs of the comedian and film star Kevin Hart amidst turmoil in his career and marriage. It is a six part documentary series that also details his recovery from a car accident which nearly claimed his life. The trailer for the same was released on 16th December.
The documentary also cover his controversy with Oscar and cheating rumors among many other things. In the trailer it can be seen that he accepted and talked about his infidelity with the model Montia Sabbag while his wife, Eniko Parrish was pregnant. The documentary also shares footage of how she brushes away tears from her eyes in an one to one interview. While re-living her ordeal from 2017, she kept on speaking into the camera saying to her husband that he publicly humiliated her and how he can do like this to her.
Thoughts of Kevin Hart after the aftermath of accident

Later on the comedian considered the incident as a bad error in judgement. He also later added in the teaser that these are some moments in life where realization is done that a person is not where he needs to be. The road to becoming a billionaire is a long road and a person cannot think that they got it all together because sometimes something comes along to take it all away just like that.
The car accident which nearly took his life made his life turn over a new leaf which gave him greater appreciation for his loved ones. His also said that his wife has also helped him a lot during his recovery process.