Ending things with Liam Hemsworth is hitting Miley Cyrus pretty bad!! Is she staving herself? There is too much going on in her life, and it seems food is not on her priority list currently!!

By 8 months ago

Miley Cyrus is breaking the Internet with her latest album, which has the trendiest songs. With her album, songwriting, breakup with former husband Liam Hemsworth and her situation with Kaitlynn Carter, there is too much going on in her life right now. But it seems food is not on her priority list currently. Recently, a news came up that Miley is on a “Deadly Divorce Diet” after her split from Liam Hemsworth. Well, we don’t know whether it’s true, but separation from such a long-term partner will surely leave some kind of effect.

Apparently, Miley Cyrus is living on weed and booze and has lost a significant amount of weight. She weighs only 88 pounds. Guess the drugs and alcohol are kicking in the right? Certain sources revealed that she barely eats now and her six-pack is getting extinct. Even her rib bones are apparently visible, and she is a mess. All she eats is an odd piece of fruit or a few nuts. Some alleged insider revealed that her friends are worried about her health. They suspect that if she keeps on going like this, her body will shut down.

Reportedly, Miley feels inflated, unhappy, and like she has no control over herself when she has a full stomach. Who knows, maybe she is still not over Liam. Or maybe she is using weed and alcohol as an escape method. The insider says that Miley feels relaxed after she smokes. She feels that both her body and her soul are happier with booze than food. Tabloids released her before the breakup and after breakup pictures and its heartbreaking to see how much she has lost weight.

Miley also went to Twitter, where she opened up about smoking pot. Moreover, recent reports also say that Miley ended her relationship with Carter. Now, we don’t really know if the reports of her starving herself are true, but Miley does seem skinnier than before, for whatever reasons. We, the fans, definitely don’t want her to be sick and hopefully we will get our rockstar back soon!