End of the Road tour updated: KISS Co-founder Gene Simmons hospitalized resulting in postponed tours! Fans waiting for his recovery!!

Gene Simmons, the lead bassist of rock band KISS, is hospitalized. Since the KISS canceled their tour on September 13 conjecture was going on. However, the 70-year-old posted on Twitter sharing that he has to travel to L.A. Also, he added that it is for a small medical procedure, nothing to worry about.

The singer-bassist underwent surgery on October 1. Here, he was operated for a removal for the kidney conjointly. The hospital he is admitted to is Cedars-Senai Hospital in Los Angeles through the surgery was simple and lasted for only an hour.

But, he is recovering from the surgery.

A stint is inserted in his urethra to allow unimpeded flow of urine directly. This will provide passage for additional kidney stones to be excreted, so it has to be kept in for around a week. However, he will have an operation to remove the stint. Importantly, he is set to make a full recovery.

But, this is not his first encounter with kidney stones. Essentially, he got one removed in 2009. Later, he sold it on eBay for $15,000 which went to charity.

KISS  is on its End of the Road world tour. Ironically, they have touted it as their final tour ever. 

However, their next tour date is scheduled for Perth, Australia on November 16. The band will then tour all over the globe before heading back to the States for a final U.S. shows L.A. and Oakland in early March. 

In particular, the L.A. tour was supposed to happen this year on September 20 but now will take place but is postponed to next year March 20. Similarly, the Oakland tour which was slated to happen on September 16 but it has been delayed to March 6.

The last show of the tour is slated for June 12 in Derby, UK.