Emma Benton forced to send fake wedding invites to her contacts at Michael Mcylntre’s show!

Spice Girl Emma Benton appeared on Michael McIntyre’s show and it did not end well for her!

Emma came to the show with her fiance Jade Jones where they played “send to all”.The game turned out to be quite embarrassing and humiliating for her!

In the game, Emma had to give Michael full access to her phone and he could do whatever he wanted to. Emma did it but little did she knew what was going to happen.

Michael sent all her contacts a message that she is finally preparing her wedding list. This was not enough for him and he also sent the text to everyone that they have not made on the “A” list! Michael also asked her contacts to reply with a reason why they should be included!

The first one to reply was none other than Emma’s mom. She replied with “are you drunk “? That didn’t end well.

Louie Spence replied with the reasons he should be on the A-listers! His texts made it clear that he was very unhappy about this.

However, Chris Moyles knew exactly what was going on and wittily replied: “can we have lunch Tuesday, Michael “! One of Emma’s close friends also replied and she thought b list meant bridesmaid list!

Well, this was not at all funny. Emma must have been very much embarrassed and humiliated. Her close friends and family must have got offended by the text. Guess the spice girl has lots of apologies to send to everyone.