Eminem Spills Beans About His Personal Life and daughter Hailie In The Mike Tyson Podcast!

Recently, rapper King Eminem made an appearance in the Mike Tyson podcast show, HotBoxin! The rapper went on to share a few personal details about him and his family which fans might be interesting to take a quick look at.


Rapper King Eminem Opens Up About His 23 Years Old Daughter, Hailie In The Mike Tyson Podcast!

While it is no new news that how the rapper has also been very private about his personal life which has been a low-key affair over the years with not much limelight reflected on his family life. However, in the podcast, he did talk about his family life, especially his children.


The rapper is on proud father and is extremely happy to see his daughter Haile grow into this beautiful and intelligent person over the years. Hailie has been a great daughter and Eminem is pretty proud of her.

The Rapper Is One Proud Father And Talks About His Personal Life In Details.

He also further talks about how he has always preferred to keep his children away from the extravaganza and celebrity limelight. The rapper talked about how Hailie has graduated from college to the retries boxing legend. When asked how close they are and do they talk about relationships and stuff, Eminem says that she does have a boyfriend.


The rapper went candid about his children and how proud Hailie has made him with a good college degree and what a good human being she turned out to be. The rapper loved his childrenĀ  and have maintained a low profile when it comes to personal life over all these years . Amidst his big music career, the paparazzi has always been curious about his personal life.