Eminem gave a banging performance at the Oscars, and it left the people shocked and speechless. But why? Check it out.


Rapper Eminem gave an unexpected presentation at the 92nd yearly Academy Awards on Sunday, playing out his hit song “Lose Yourself” from the film “8 Mile” 18 years after it was selected for and won an Oscar for Best Original Song back in 2003.

In 2003, “Lose Yourself” won, however, Eminem didn’t perform or acknowledge the honor. Rather, Luis Resto, who took a shot at the melody with him, acknowledged the honor for his sake. It was the primary ever hip-bounce track to win in the classification

Lin-Manuel Miranda presented a song medley at the 92nd Academy Awards, and it showed up it was simply one more arrangement of melodies in films that have had an effect.

About halfway through the Oscars telecast on Sunday night, Eminem showed up out of nowhere for a full performance of “Lose Yourself.” Why? No one exactly made it clear. If only there were some sort of a host who could have provided context.

Be that as it may, at that point … Eminem went ahead stage to perform “Lose Yourself” and got overwhelming applause from the group.


In spite of the fact that those at home appeared to be torn. Some took to Twitter to adulate the exhibition and some were shaking their heads about why he was there.

In any case, it was a moment to remember and cherish.

While it’s vague why Eminem performed at the current year’s Oscars, the presentation delighted the group. Superstars chimed in and bounced their heads before giving him an overwhelming standing ovation.

“Lose Yourself,” from the movie “8 Mile,” won the 2003 Academy Award for best original song, but the rapper did not attend that year’s ceremony.

Following the performance, Eminem tweeted