Emily in Paris : Emily is Returning – Netflix Unveils Season 2 Premiere Date

“Emily in Paris” season 2 is almost here

It is time for fashion, fun and France once again because “Emily in Paris” is coming with a second season very very soon.

Earlier the series’ official Instagram account posted some glimpses from season 2. On 25th September finally they announced the release date with a teaser video on their Instagram feed which says season 2 of Emily in Paris is going to hit Netflix on December 22.

Have a peek into Emily’ “French” life

The popular Emmy nominated show follows the life of Emily Cooper, an American girl who moves to Paris to bring American insight in to a French marketing company.

Emily in Paris : Emily is Returning - Netflix Unveils Season 2 Premiere Date 1
Emily in Paris | Instagram

She had to struggle to fit in the environment for her lack of knowledge about language French. But Emily’ Instagram fame helped her a lot through the problem. The series also created a confusing love triangle between Emily and her French neighbor Gabriel and his girlfriend Camille who is also one of Emily’ friend.

Lily Collins played the lead girl Emily Cooper. Lucas Bravo portrayed Gabriel’ character while Camille Razat played Camille. Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu are also playing important roles in the show.

Time to clear all the confusion

The production of season 2 began in May of this year after lot of delays. They filmed in several cities of France like Paris, Saint Tropez.

Emily in Paris : Emily is Returning - Netflix Unveils Season 2 Premiere Date 2
Emily in Paris | Instagram

“Emily in Paris” is specially known for it’s fashion and the colourful vibes. Season 1 of the show released in October of 2020 which ended with Emily and Gabriel on the verge of becoming a couple. The ending was something viewers were eagerly waiting for, however it was somewhat confusing too as Gabrielle and Camille did not officially broke up. Now it is time to clear all these confusion as season 2 is not too far. We all know their will be a lot of drama in this new season but that will not let the fashionable and colourful vibes fade.

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