Emilia Clarke is a responsible citizen and living a life of purpose and her Instagram proves it!! #yourvoicematters

In the recent Instagram post, she is urged UK citizens to register to vote and inspired them to understand that they have a voice to make there own decisions!!

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‘Nuff said. #registertovote #doit #yourvoicematters gov.uk/register-to-vote #💪🏻

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Emilia is a well-known face, and we all know her as the mother of Dragon, but her identity is not confined to that. She is more than an actor and has her own struggle in life.

A chat on Brain health with Emilia Clarke and Bennet Omalu!

In one of her interviews with Bennet Omalu, Emilia also opened up about how wonderful her childhood was and how she always wanted to connect to people. At a very early age, she realized that telling stories is how she can connect to people. Emilia has always wanted to do something for the people, and her brain injury and stroke, which happened when she was just 20, was something that inspired her to help people facing similar issues by her SameYou organization.

By her organization, she wants to help Millions of people worldwide who need access to neurorehabilitation, but she cannot do it alone but need help from people around the world.

In the chat with Bennet Omalu, she has talked about her struggle of going through the biggest fear and finding herself in a situation where she doesn’t want to live and then overcome and be courageous enough to realize that she can do it. But she was not alone, but her mom was the one to keep her diverted from all the misleading thoughts. She reveals how much she loved stories, and that was the tool her mom used to divert her while she was being treated and watching people die around her.

Now that she has moved on in her life, she wast to save young lives all around the world with her organization.

We hope she is able to fulfill her dream of helping people and telling stories!!