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Elsa Pataky Becomes Extremely Brutal About Her Marriage With Actor Chris Hemsworth! What is wrong?

While Thor’s love life met with a rather sad ending, real-life actor Chris Hemsworth is happily married with the love of his life, Elsa Pataky for almost ten years.

Elsa Pataky Becomes Extremely Candid About Her Marriage With Actor Chris Hemsworth.

However, no marriage is a cakewalk and Elsa Pataky has been extremely honest and candid about her married life with Chris Hemsworth. Pataky confessed that while they are very much in love they still have their differences from time to time and they work on it to make the marriage better. They also face their own set of ups and downs in their decade long marriage.

She further revealed in an exclusive for a magazine saying that it is really funny how people think that is the perfect couple which is really not the case! Pataky believes that no relationship is easy and it is surely constant work. However, she likes to see the positive side of things.

She Goes On To Share Her Experience As A Mother To Three Children And More!

Elsa Pataky there some light on her married life a lot with being a mother to three beautiful children. They try to keep their children indulged in various outdoor activities, as parents they didn’t take their kids to be more of an internet addict. Take a look at this adorable social media post made by Elsa Pataky.

There have been various pictures and videos of the whole family going out for fun activities like surfing, horse riding, and more. Pataky also talked about some physical difficulties she has been experiencing after childbirth. Thanks to Elsa Pataky, who reminded us that every relationship comes with their own set of responsibilities and burdens.

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