Elon Musk Responds to Allegations of Amber Heard Cheating on Johnny Depp With the Tesla Chief

This came after the fans started accusing him of Twitter, which has been going on for some time. 

On Twitter, some fans of Johnny Depp started accusing Tesla CEO Elon Musk of carrying out an inappropriate relationship with Amber Heard. They are claiming that the affair dated back to when Heard and Depp were still married.

Musk was quick to respond to the allegations and also pointed out the video that was released by Depp’s supporters.

Musk tweeted that the information was not true and that Depp’s team had put the evidence together, but have omitted to put the date, and that they started seeing each other after the separation.

That explanation was, however, not enough to convince the fans. One of them replied by saying that a staff member had testified under oath that Musk had shown up when Johnny was away filming in Australia. He explained that Musk was given a Free On Board so that he can come and go as he pleases. He also mentioned that Musk had shown up on many such occasions while the actors were married.

The alleged video 

Source: The Blast

There had been video footage of Heard and Musk getting cozy with each other in an elevator at the penthouse, and that footage had been leaked. Later on, their alleged relationship was mentioned in the lawsuit which Depp issued.

Musk repeated that none of these were true and that they started dating only in May 2016. They became an official couple a few months later. And a year after the divorce was announced, Musk and Heard split. Musk shared in an interview with Rolling Stone that it was due to their busy schedules. He said that he had remained friends with Heard, and there’s no bad blood between them.