Elon Musk got incredulous when Jaden Smith told about his startup plan to him in a meeting!

Jaden Smith asked Elon musk for advice on starting the company.

Musk committed on June 1 deposition, an organization that advocates for transparency in the US judicial system.

But Smith had other plans, musk expected something more technical, but was amazed when Jaden said that he wanted to sell water.

When will smith’s son Jaden Smith came up with the plan to start up a company which would sell branded water in non-plastic – biodegradable bottles; musk got incredulous.

Musk was like; he just wanted to startup with such ordinary business of selling water bottles.

Musk described the meeting, which wasn’t according to happen according to terms of the lawsuit that prompted deposition.

In the meeting, the name “acquiescence” Was suggested as the name for the water bottle brand.

Smith’s company Just Goods, cofounded with Drew Fitzgerald, sells water bottles made of paper and plant-based plastic.

The company aims to reduce the environmental harm that plastic bottles do to the surrounding.

The deposition was a paper of lawsuit filed by Tesla shareholders alleging that members of the Tesla board of directors, which included musk should act in the mutual interests of members rather than favoring Tesla’s investors.

While Musk said he likely¬†would not support the acquisition if he could go back in time due to the difficulty of the early stages of production for Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, which took significant resources away from Tesla’s energy division, he added that SolarCity was “far and away” considered to be the best company so far.

Musk said,” the decline in Tesla’s solar sales was temporary. I expect the company’s energy business to eventually grow faster than its automotive business”.