Elon Musk And His Discreet Personal Life Over The Years! Check out how his dating life has been.

While Elon Musk is a tech genius who has done wonders in the field of technology, the tech whizz has always preferred to keep his dating life under wraps away from the light of the paparazzi!


Elon Musk Has Always Been Very Discreet About His Personal Life.

This is pretty evident after Musk said back in 2010 that he would prefer to stick a fork in his hand, then talk about his personal life. This is how discreet he is about his life!


However, the Tech billionaire has finally found love with musician Grimes and had a baby together as well. However, earlier the man had quite a controversial personal life and has been divorced three times! Also, Elon Musk had quite a wild childhood and has been subjected to a dysfunctional family setting as well.


The Tech Billionaire Welcomed A Baby Boy With Musician Grimes.

The tech mogul had quite a short-lived relationships earlier, one being with Talulah Riley. The two got married only to call it quits after four long years. However, the pair again remarried back in 2013! However, the two again filed for divorce in 2016, and then it was finally over!


After that, Elon Musk dated actress Amber Heard for a brief period of time but split apart for what was cited as due to their intense schedules! It was a rather short-lived relationship. It was only back in 2018 when Elon Musk made a public appearance with Grimes at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The two met on Twitter and instantly hit it off. The two welcomed a baby boy this May 2020. The tech genius have went on record to say he loves Grimes’ creativity.