ELIZABETH II : UPHOLDING ROYAL LEGACY is a task prove Emily Maitlis, the interview of Andrew at BBC news night!!

The royal family of Britain is known for its legacy. A legacy that carries the most historic rule over the world. But the current scenario is penetrating the legacy of this family through prince Andrew’s Epstein scandal. So being the member and heir of the royal family, a price has its own responsibilities and continuing the legacy.

As a person prince, Andrew has his own choices of action, which include having friends with whom he wants, but as a prince, he is accountable for the whole royal family, as his action would straightly affect the years of royal legacy. Looking to the clues, and the interview of Andrew at BBC news night with Emily Maitlis, it is clear that Prince Andrew was totally involved in the activities such as parties, staying at Epstein’s house for 4-5 days, as agreed by himself. But when questioned by Emily about having sex, he strongly disagreed, which is well explainable being a royal family. But his stay, completely reveals his strong relationship with Epstein as a good friend. By this, another thing is also clear that the prince knew about the involvement of Epstein in trafficking, rather he himself may be involved in having sex with a teenager.

After departing with her ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the prince was very close to Epstein; maybe he would have been brainwashed by the man behind the scene. Overall keeping all the incidents in and possibilities in mind, the involvement of the prince is clear. Now coming to the effect on a royal family member, Princess Beatrice is reportedly not inviting Prince Andrew on her wedding day.

The next royal bride does not want any drama on her big day, so she allegedly tearfully told her dad that he was banned from her wedding. Looking on to this, it is clearly depicted that the royal family’s interim scenario is at stake, but still being the royal family of Britain, they are committed to holding on the legacy.

Another incident of queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew in royal procession on day 3 of Royal Ascot at Ascot, England. By this event, the queen has depicted that whatever may be the position or any scandal the royal members can handle it and being the queen, she is committed to upholding the royal family and not letting any mishap penetrate the legacy of hundreds of years.