Élite season 2 is more twisted, mysterious, intriguing then before! A major spoiler you can’t miss before watching the Show!

Netflix has officially announced the renewal of its high school drama, Élite, for season 2.

Élite is a thriller-drama which is often referred to as the distant Spanish cousin of American series like “Big Little Lies,” “Riverdale,” and “Gossip Girl.” Élite is filled with plot twists, mystery, intrigue, and most importantly, romantic scenes that are way too sexy for high school scenes equally.

Élite season 2 is more twisted, mysterious, intriguing then before! A major spoiler you can't miss before watching the Show! 1
Image: Netflix

So we can expect the same twisty plot to return to season 2 of Élite from Sam, Nadia, Carla, Guzmán, and Lu.

On the 20th of August, Netflix has given us a brief idea as to what fans can be looking at the new season of Élite. As per what the streaming service has revealed, fans can expect new faces to appear in the renewal of the season along with some old faces. And fans can look forward to a set of brand new drama and secrets lying just above the surface.

In the preview released by Netflix, we can see that Samuel is on a mission to prove to everyone that his brother Nano is innocent if the case of Marina’s murder, no matter the cost.

In the second season of Élite, Samuel in hopes of finding who really killed Marina starts a sexual relationship with Carla. This is all to get his brother out of jail.

But then as the season continues, there is another disappearance in the show. And this second disappearance becomes the primary focus. This time it is Samuel who disappears.

When Samuel shows no signing of coming back, Carla starts to breakdown and goes to the police and informs them that Polo is the real killer. Carla also confesses that she helped him cover up the murder.

Samuel comes to know that Carla has started having feelings for him, and with the help of Guzmán plots his disappearance. So, in the show, Samuel doesn’t actually disappear.