Eddie Murphy returns to SNL after 35 years and the show received brilliant ratings.

Eddie Murphy’s ‘SNL’ Monologue brings back Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. The star gave the “Saturday Night Live” an early Christmas gift by making his appearance. Eddie has not been present for that long and now his present as a host brought lots and lots of attention. Eddie last hosted in 1984 then his appearance came in 2017, which created a huge huge impact on NBC. The NBC earned a huge through the return of Eddie. The show got the biggest audiences ever. Everyone was supportive and was excited for Eddie to be back on live again and to be with the audiences again also.

The episode through which it attracted attention was in 2017. It was in May and hosted by Melissa McCarthy. That was the day which changed everything and attracted a huge people in to it. It had more that 10.4 million viewers to watch Eddie’s comeback to the show. Everyone was welcoming. It created a huge sensational news as well.

Eddie also introduced characters like Mr. Robinson, Gumby and Buckwheat were through “Saturday Night Live” show. Eddie who is an actor as well a comedian was joined during his starting by Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan. It was a huge and a big moment for the fans as well as for the creators, the casts, hosts and everyone.

There were other channels which led the main top for the views watched  But now NBC is at the front with the most viewers. This is all because of the great actor Eddie Murphy, who came as a host for the show. This in return helped the NBC channel ratings to be on a higher rate. It also helped in the higher rate of viewers as well also. This moment is a special moment. It is a huge deal as it got more than 10 million as it’s viewers, which is just extraordinary.