Ecosmith’s drummer Sierota , apologies Alabama!

Ecosmith is an American Indie pop band formed in 2009, in Chino, California. The band consists of Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota. Graham Sierota was unaware of Travis Barker’s daughter’s age.

Travis Barker spoke about his 13-year-old daughter receiving a direct message from Graham Sierota ( Member of Ecosmith ). Earlier this week, Travis’s daughter (13 years old), Alabama shared a screenshot of  Instagram direct messages, which were sent by Graham.Ecosmith's drummer Sierota , apologies Alabama! 5

This Thursday this issue got warmed up, after Alabama’s post. The messages we’re of 2016, three-year-old message. When Alabama was of 10 years old. Not only did Alabama shared the screenshots, but also tagged Ecosmith the very same post. Graham explained that he was not aware of Alabama’s age. Graham apologized to her. Sierota said that he felt bad about it.

Sierota thought that she ( Alabama ) was of his age. He did not realize that she was minor. Sierota also apologized to Travis ( Alabama’s Dad)  as well. Sierota allegedly sent Alabama direct message and called her, ” beautiful”. Sierota also invited her to a barbecue. Travis as a dad was disgusted when he came to know that Sierota (20-year-old boy ) sent a text to his 13-year-old daughter. Inviting the minor to the party. Ecosmith's drummer Sierota , apologies Alabama! 6

Graham has constantly been saying that he was not aware of Alabama being minor. Graham said he made a mistake, and this has been a very big lesson for him. Getting this lesson was imperative for him. Alabama added a post on Instagram. In that post, Alabama said that a text was sent to her as DM on Instagram. She received those message 3 years ago when she was just ten years old. Graham is regretting, about his deed.