Dylan and Paris Brosnan- Sons of Pierce Brosnan announced as Brand Ambassadors for Golden Globe 2020 Ceremon!

This week Thursday evening, Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan’s most adolescent boys, Paris and Dylan have been announced as Brand Ambassadors for Golden Globe 2020 ceremony.

The Golden Globe works in generating awareness of a selected charitable cause.

Dylan and Paris Brosnan are announced as Brand Ambassadors for Golden Globe 2020 ceremony

On Thursday evening, the foreign press association made this announcement to different news portals. And people also observed, in the history of Golden Globe, it is happening for the first time that two brothers have become the Brand Ambassadors.

The brothers, Dylan and Paris are following their father’s footsteps in the industry of entertainment, and have already achieved a lot in the world of fashion. Lorenzo Soria, million-dollar businessmen, and President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said that he and Brosnan’s family fans are excited to see how the brothers will use this appreciation to contribute their talents.

A well-known journalist and a fantastic author Keely Shaye Smith is a mother of these two talented boys, Dylan and Paris. Earlier, in the ceremonies of Golden Globe, they use to select a son and a daughter of a celebrity and call them ambassadors. And it was known and Miss and Mistress Golden Globe, but got changed in 2017 to Golden Globe Ambassador.

Paris and Dylan get interviewed

The talented brothers got interviewed and asked about their experience as Brand Ambassadors for Golden Globe. Dylan shared “our dad always taught us to ‘be kind’. He said that it’s a strong reason behind learning film making, and they also want to tell meaningful stories. This platform was allowing them to turn the spotlight towards kids who are experiencing hunger in their lives.

After Dylan, Paris shared that we had an opportunity to work with a short film “FEED” in Sri Lanka, it is documenting the efforts of the world food program. And they both continued saying that we are eagerly waiting to collaborate on many more projects in the future.