Dwyane Wade Finally Speaks Out About Gabrielle Union’s Controversial 50/50 Split Decision

Dwyane Wade comments on wife Gabrielle Union’s revelation about splitting finances 50/50

Former NBA star Dwyane Wade has spoken out about his wife Gabrielle Union’s recent revelation that they split their bills 50/50. The couple, who are both successful and wealthy in their own right, have been praised by some and criticized by others for their approach to finances.


Union made the comments during an appearance on the Black Millionaires podcast, saying that while they split everything in their home equally, they also support other households, which adds additional pressure and responsibility. The actress acknowledged her anxieties about money and the pressure to constantly work hard to ensure financial stability.

Wade’s response

In response to the controversy surrounding the 50/50 split, Wade spoke out about the pragmatic reasons behind their approach to finances. He explained that both he and Union have other responsibilities outside of their own household, such as supporting their respective families.

50/50 split makes sense

Wade defended their decision to split bills down the middle, saying that it makes sense given their current circumstances. He explained that they both have similar salaries and that this approach has allowed them to avoid any potential conflicts or power imbalances that could arise if one person were to pay more.

Background on Wade and Union’s careers

Wade and Union are both extremely successful in their respective careers. Wade is a retired NBA star who earned nearly $200 million during his time playing for the Miami Heat. Union, meanwhile, is an actress and author who has starred in numerous blockbuster films.

Union’s past financial struggles

Union’s relationship with money hasn’t always been easy, however. In a previous marriage to NFL player Chris Howard, Union was the sole breadwinner and felt entitled to cheat. She attributes this mindset to the idea that whoever earns the most has the freedom to do what they please.


While the debate surrounding Union and Wade’s decision to split bills 50/50 is sure to continue, their approach to finances seems pragmatic and fair given their current circumstances. It’s important to remember that every relationship is unique and that what works for one couple may not work for another.


1. What does it mean to split bills 50/50?

Splitting bills 50/50 means that both individuals in a relationship contribute equally to the cost of living expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries.

2. Why do some people oppose the 50/50 split?

Some people feel that the 50/50 split can create disparities in unpaid labor, with one person in the relationship potentially shouldering more responsibilities outside the home.

3. Are there any potential downsides to the 50/50 split?

As with any approach to finances in a relationship, the 50/50 split comes with its own set of potential challenges. For example, if one person loses their job or faces unexpected financial hardships, it may be difficult for both individuals to cover expenses equally.

4. Do all couples split bills 50/50?

No, there are many different approaches to finances within relationships. Some couples choose to split bills proportionally based on their income, while others may have one person handle all finances.

5. Is there a “right” way to split bills in a relationship?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finances in a relationship. Ultimately, what works best depends on the unique circumstances of each couple.