Dustin Johnson finds himself very lucky with Paulina Gretzky who returns to Instagram with steamy new bikini photos!!

The 30-year-old singer returned to Instagram on October 14 after a six months break from social media.

The singer was seen having fun on the beach with her brother Ty Gretzky. They were enjoying on a private boat with Paulina wearing an orange bikini and showing off her incredibly fantastic figure.

Paulina, the mother of two kids, has not done it for the first time. She has posted various pictures on her Instagram before and misses to show off her body. She always surprises her fans incredibly and attracts large audiences, including her fiance Dustin Johnson whom she has been engaged in since 2013. He commented on her picture, “I’m so lucky.” Well yeah, he really is!

Paulina wore an orange bikini, which was a typical cut bikini. She was sitting with her left elbow on the seat and was giving her a million-dollar smile. She totally killed in dark aviator sunglasses and was kept her hair down in the middle part. From her bikini, it was visible that she was having a tan as her tan line was visible through. She looked as stunning as always and accessorized with rings, bracelets, and a black necklace.

Her brother was wearing red and black swimming pants and a pair of sunglasses.

Her picture has been liked by 27k people so far, and her fans couldn’t help but comment on her gorgeous body.

When asked about her taste with men, she replied, That’s another one of my turn-offs: If a guy texts her instead of calling her, it’s done for her. It’s absolutely not gonna happen. She just can’t do texts. If someone wanna ask her out, they gonna have to call her and ask her like a gentleman. They gonna have to be a man about it.

Whether she is wearing a bikini or wearing gorgeous attires, she always looks her best and incredibly beautiful.

The singer hadn’t posted anything on her Instagram since April. She also shared short video clips of her enjoying on the beach.