‘Dungeons and Dragons’ TV Series to helmed by The Red Notice’s Rawson Marshall Thurber

‘Dungeons and Dragons’ hands over Flagship to Rawson Marshall

In a recent deal, the Indie Studio has joined hands with filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thurber. The Red Notice filmmaker would direct a series based on the famous franchise from Wizards of the Coast. The fantasy series pilot will be written and directed by him. Moreover, the new franchise seems to have gained a lot of buyers already!

Dungeons and Dragons
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A big focus for eOne

After eOne was acquitted by Hasbro, an adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons for TV has been a priority of the company. In an interview with Deadline, the Global Television President of eOne said that they don’t want it to just be a show. Furthermore, he added that they want to develop an approach for TV by building many scripted and unscripted concepts. Dungeons and Dragons seem to have impacted the audience a lot.

The fantasy world of unique creatures

The sci-fi game Dungeons and dragons showcase elves, humans, and other creatures delving into various activities. They go to wars, campaigns, and treasure hunts. Moreover, a multisided dice owned by the Dungeon Master acts as the game host. Undeniably, the game is very popular for its uniqueness. First released 46 years ago, the Dungeons and Dragons game has more than 50 million fans today!

Dungeons and Dragons Game

Netflix’s ties with Thurber

Netflix has previously worked with Thurber. Having worked on the Red Notice Movie the streamer would supposedly work on the new adaptation. Moreover, the sources have revealed other streamers have also piqued interest in the project. However, Rawson’s movie the red Notice which he wrote and directed has gained a lot of fame. The movie gained the title of the most-watched movie of all time! It is pretty clear why the creators would approach him for the new fictional franchise.

Rawson Thurber
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The TV series to complement the Franchise

The adaptation of the famous game franchise is a sought-after project. It is likely that it has many great offers too. However, Thurber has showcased his talent in many great depictions including We’re the Millers and Underdog. Moreover, The Dungeons and Dragons Tv Series is surely meant to complement the eOne franchise. The news and its progress are indeed exciting for the fans!