Dua Lipa’s song ‘Don’t start now’ helps her score seventh Number 1 on Dance Club Songs Chart

It is new year and people have come up with new resolutions and many are hoping that their year will go smoothly without any problems. Well luckily Lipa just got the lucky lucky stars for her new year. Dua Lipa’s song ‘Don’t start now’ helps her score seventh Number 1 on Dance Club Songs Chart. She has become quite famous over the short period of time.

The star started her successful career from 2017 with ‘Blow your mind.’ From there on her life has been good. That time onwards all her sevens are the no.1 in the industry, more than Ariana Grande and Rihanna. They both only had six in this period of time. But Lipa has gotten herself with more than seven. She is successful now in her life. Her songs are out and very popular. People like to listen to them and the beat of the songs which is very catchy as well.

Then later in November 2018, Lipa launches her first dance club songs. From there her songs have reached the parts of everywhere for everyone to listen to and to enjoy it to its maximum. Lipa has been gaining lots of fame now with all her songs out and with a good beats with it.

Lipa’s songs are for all occasions. It varies and there is some kind of a pull of attractions to all her songs. The song ‘Don’t’ was also quite famous among the public for their preferences. It also came into the no.1 as second in the frame. That became the singer’s third in her list.

Well this new year in fact did bring her a lots of good news as well as happiness along with it. The new year has a begun in fact a new and a good year for the star and the famous singer Lipa.