Drifting Dragons: The Show is Perceived more Politically in Japan – Critics Opinion & Public Verdict

A Japanese manga series, Drifting Dragons is made into a TV series that premiered in January 2020 on Polygon Pictures and later in April 2020 on Netflix. The story is about dragon hunters who fly in their airships and travel around the world. The world is filled with dragons in the world where they are used by the public for nourishment. The dragons are formed intricately, taking care of every detail to make them seem unique.

With the end of first season, the show has been able to garner to the fans the content that the creator wished, however, like any other piece of work, this series had to face scrutiny from the public and was viewed with different lenses worldwide.

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Public review

The story develops on the plot that does seem unique in the way that the dragons involved were a hybrid of differing species. However, the criticism that the show received was quite wide. The story seems repetitive to the fans who were awaiting a change in the successive episodes due to the variation in the characters involved in the show. Also, the show seemed to have ended on a different plot from what it was originally started with. The ending was talked about the most among the viewers due to its unpredictable story twist.

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The story lagged in the possible development that could be emphasised as much as the animation and audio were taken care of. The audio and animation were looked up at in a positive perspective and were appreciated worldwide despite the different notions about the criticism simultaneously. The innovation with the design of the dragons was a topic of discussion with differing views of like and dislike by the public. Critics call the characters less of a resemblance with dragons, especially after the political aspect of what whales are perceived in Japan made the criticism more political.